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Imark Communications Pty Ltd Australian Owned

Company Information


IMARK Communications was established in 1977 by Owen Smart & Greg Lloyd. The company has specialised in the distribution of Kyodo VHF & UHF radio products in Australia since inception. Kyodo products include portable, mobile and base equipment.
Currently, there are in excess of 80,000 Kyodo built two way radios in Australia. Kyodo products are presently enjoying very successful sales in most world markets, particularly USA, China, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia (as well as Australia). IMARK also imports and distributes the Korean Pantech range of portable radios throughout Australia.

IMARK has developed several radio related products which are suitable for the Australian market and which compliment the Kyodo and Pantech products.

Products developed include a range of :
  • Power Supplies,
  • Solar Products
  • Charger for portable radios,
  • an encryption device for use with Kyodo mobile radios,
  • a Áprocessor controlled Voice Operated Transmitter Switch (VOX) for use with portable radios,
  • a telemetry system,
  • a range of heavy duty rack mounting power supplies,
  • continuous duty DC-DC converters,
  • an AM version of the Kyodo KG108 mobile radio,
  • a compact transceiver for attachment to mobile radios to convert mobile radios into mobile repeaters (MRS),
  • as well as several PCB based products for different Australian customers.

Today in Australia, IMARK is one of the highest standard two-way radio equipment suppliers and enjoys annual sales of several million dollars.

In recent years IMARK has gone solar with the development of a Remote Power System Enclosure and the Generator Interactive Solar Power Supply for radio system (Power Farms) built initially for the Defence. These projects are uniquely Australian and can be increased or decreased in size to suit any application.

Research & Manufacturing

The reliability of our products depend not only on the manufacturing and quality operations within IMARK Communications but also on continued improvement and innovative design of our products. The heart of the process is the integration of robots to the production line. With the application of surface mount technology and automation, complex printed circuit boards can be assembled in a fraction of the time taken by human hands, with 100% accuracy.


We are equipped with quality test equipment and a large inventory of parts, ensuring that repairs are able to be made efficiently and with the shortest possible downtime. We have fully qualified technicians able to repair and service Kyodo, Sawtron and Pantech equipment.

Spare Parts

Imark have a large inventory of spare parts for :
  •  Sawtron, Kyodo and Pantech radios.
  • Video Depth Sounders/Transducers
  • Antenna’s to suit Sawtron & Kyodo CB & Commercial radios
    plus Hoxin and Comet Antennas
  • Cybernet, and for Nihon Dengyo CB Radios

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