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IMARK   DIGISCRAM - Australian Voice Encryption Scramblers



The IDSP Digiscram unit is designed as an internal plug-in module for the Kyodo 999 UHF CB Radio and KG107 Commercial Land Mobile. The IDSP Digiscram is designed to offer a high level security with high quality recovered audio. It is suitable for simplex base to base or short range mobile communications. The IDSP Digiscram includes a facility to install CTCSS for use via talk through repeaters.

The IDSP Digiscram incorporates many advanced features often not found in other scrambling devices. Features include: reliable operation in adverse signal conditions, 25 million codes, late entry facility, mobile to mobile selective calling and auto scram (automatically switches to scramble mode when a scramble transmission is received). The greatest attribute of the IDSP system is the code dial up facility.


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