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IMARK   10-QCT(I) - CTCSS Module


Multi-Tone CTCSS Encoder/Decoder for KG110 Repeaters

Imark Stock # 930950


  • 50 CTCSS Tones
  • Encodes and Decodes Simultaneously
  • Tones Selectable on a per Channel Basis
  • Encode & Decode Tones can be different
  • Tones set by EPROM or DIP Switch
  • Monitor function for fault finding or to by-pass the decoder
  • EMI Filters on all I/O lines
  • Low Voltage Alarm



The IMARK 10-QCT (I) is a CTCSS Encoder/Decoder Module for use with the KG110 BASE/REPEATER station to provide simultaneous encoding and decoding operation. It eliminates the use of a tone panel and is installed inside the KG110 cabinet.

The IMARK 10-QCT (I) will encode & decode all 37 EIA plus 13 other tone frequencies (including 97.4Hz). Simultaneous Cross-Tone Decode & Encode is possible on a per channel basis with the required CTCSS tones being programmed into EPROM. DIP switches can be used for tone selection when a single CTCSS Encode and a single CTCSS Decode tone only is required.

The IMARK 10-QCT (I) includes a Monitor function for system fault finding or for bypassing the decoder while all I/O lines are fitted with EMI filters.

A Low Voltage Alarm module is included to provide an "on-air" warning of low DC voltage (or low battery voltage in solar power systems). The Low Voltage Alarm is normally configured to generate an alarm tone during the transmitter TX delay period as a means of advising users that the supply voltage is below the pre set level.



Operating Voltage 10.5 16V DC
Operating Current 150 mA Max
Encode Output Level Adjustable to > 600Hz Deviation.
Decoder Band Width + / - 1%, + / - 2% Selectable
Frequency Tolerance + / - 0.05%
Frequency Stability + / - 0.01%
Encode Turn On Time < 20mS
Decoder Sensitivity < 10mV RMS at Decoder input
Decoder Dynamic Range < 50dB Typical
Detect Time F. < 100Hz < 220mS Typical
Detect Time 100 < F. < 200Hz < 150mS Typical
Detect Time F. > 200Hz < 100mS Typical
Unit Dimensions 83(D) x 81(W) x 18(H) mm
Shipping Dimensions 120(L) x 155(W) x 45(H) mm
Unit Weight: 61 Grams
Shipping Weight: 120 Grams
Imark Stock # 930950


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