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IMARK   5208L- Link Transceiver


5208L Link Transceiver in 19" 3RU Cabinet for installation at Equipment Sites

Imark Stock # 930111


  • 3RU Cabinet
  • Power Supply with Battery Backup Facility
  • One Kyodo KG108 or KG208 Transceiver
  • Interface/Switching Module for interfacing to other transceivers
  • Full Local Control



The Imark 5208L has been specifically designed to provide a low cost versatile means of connecting a 1-25 Watt mobile radio into a repeater/transponder at radio equipment sites. It is a self-contained unit incorporating transceiver, power supply, and interface/switching module and only requires the addition of an antenna and feeder cable to be operational. It can be supplied with an internal Back-Up battery if required (as an option at additional cost).

The Power Supply Module incorporates an AC Mains SM Power Supply with battery back-up facility and automatic changeover facility. It can be supplied without the Power Supply if required at reduced cost for use at solar powered sites.

The 5208L includes one Kyodo KG108 or KG208 1-25 Watt mobile transceiver and an audio interface/switching module. The Kyodo KG108/208 transceiver is available for any FM frequency between 66 MHz and 520 MHz, have channel capacities of up to 200 channels, and includes CTCSS encoders and decoders that can be programmed for different CTCSS tones on a per channel basis. The RF Power output can be set anywhere between 1 and 25 watts with two fixed outputs being available on a per channel basis. Thus, the transceivers can be pre-programmed with all likely channels, so that the 5208L can be deployed immediately as a stand-by link without wasting time to program the transceivers. The Audio Interface/Switching unit is included to provide the correct audio levels between the link and other transceivers. A DB25 connector is provided on the rear of the cabinet and has I/O's for Busy, PTT, Audio Input, and Audio Output.

The 5208L cabinet is designed for 19" rack mounting and is 3RU in height. The cabinet features all steel construction and is fitted with handles to assist with manoeuvrability and site location.

The Imark 5208L Repeater is normally supplied with the Power Supply, Transceivers for the required frequency band, and the necessary Interface/switching module.




General Details
Number of Channels Up to 200
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz, 20KHz, 25KHz, or 30KHz (5/6.25/10/12.5 KHz PLL steps)
Operation Mode Two Frequency Simplex
Antenna Impedance 50W Unbalanced
Current Consumption ?? mA (Standby), ?? mAmps (Receive), ?? Amps (Transmit) @ 12 Volts DC
RF Power Output Two settings between 1 and 25 Watts on a per Channel basis
Maximum Frequency Deviation Wide band: ▒ 5 KHz, Narrow Band: ▒ 2.5 KHz, Channel Selectable
Frequency Stability Wide Band: ▒ 0.0005%, Narrow band: ▒ 0.0003%
Frequency Response Within +1, -3dB of 6dB/Octave pre-emphasis from 0.3 to 3.0KHz, 1 KHz reference
Signal To Noise Ratio Wide Band: More than 50dB at 1 KHz 70% Modulation

Narrow Band: More than 45dB at 1 KHz 70% Modulation

Modulation Distortion Less than 3% at 1 KHz 70% Modulation
Spurious and Harmonics More than 70dB below rated power
Intermediate Frequencies 1st IF: 48.5 MHz, 2nd IF: 455 KHz
Frequency Stability Wide Band: ▒ 0.0005%, Narrow band: ▒ 0.0003%
Sensitivity Less than 0.4ÁV for 20 dB noise quieting

Less than 0.3ÁV for 12 dB SINAD

Squelch Sensitivity Less than 0.25ÁV
Selectivity More than 70dB at ▒ 25 KHz
Blocking More than 90 dB
Intermodulation More than 70 dB
Spurious Response More than 70 dB
AF Response Within +1, -3dB of 6dB/Octave de-emphasis from 0.3 to 3.0 KHz, 1 KHz reference
AF Distortion Less than 5% at 1 KHz 70% modulation
Signal to Noise Ratio Wide band: More than 50dB at 1 KHz 70% modulation

Narrow Band: More than 45dB at 1 KHz 70% modulation

Power Supply Module
AC Input Voltage 240▒ 20% Volts AC 48 - 62 Hz. (Others available upon request)
Output Voltage 13.65 Volt DC
Power Supply Current 10 Amps at 13.65▒ 2% Volts DC
Over Voltage Protection 14.5 - 16.5 Volts
Over Current Protection 10.55A ▒ 0.45 Amps
Low Voltage Battery Release 9.8 Volts - 10.6 Volts
Unit Dimensions 483 (W) x 343 (D) x 132 (H) mm (excluding protrusions)
Shipping Dimensions 570 (W) x 540 (D) x 315 (H) mm
5208L Weight ??? Kg's
Shipping Weight: 11.0 Kg's
Imark Stock # See Table Above
Inclusions Operators Manual, AC Cable, Transceiver, Power Supply
Options Automatic Identification Module, Lightning Protection, Transient Barrier, Back-Up Batteries


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