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IMARK   5208TR- Transportable Repeater


FM Transportable Repeater, 66 to 520 MHz

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  • Compact Size
  • Lockable Weather Resistant Aluminium Cabinet
  • Two Kyodo KG108/208 transceivers
  • CTCSS Encoder and Decoder included
  • Modular Construction
  • Easy Access to Electronics
  • Internal 38Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • AC Mains Power Supply/Charger included
  • Provision for Internal Solar Regulator
  • Internal Diplexer/Notch Filter Set
  • Cross-Band Transponder version available
  • Remote Transmitter Enable/Disable
  • Full Local Control of Transceivers
  • Low Battery Voltage Alarm
  • Exchangeable Transceivers for Redundancy
  • Low Battery Voltage Alarm



The Imark 5208TR has been specifically designed for rapid deployment to remote sites for operation as a temporary repeater. It is a self-contained unit incorporating transceivers, power supply, and diplexer modules and only requires the addition of an antenna and feeder cable to be operational. Alternatively, the 5208TR can be configured to operate from one frequency band to any other frequency band as Cross Band Transponder.

The Power Supply Module incorporates an AC Mains SM Power Supply with battery back-up facility and automatic changeover and a 38 Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery. The Power Supply Module would normally be "On Power" while in storage thus keeping the battery in a fully charged state in readiness for immediate deployment. The Battery has sufficient capacity to operate at site without power for several hours before requiring charging. If AC main power is available at site, then the 5208TR can operate indefinitely. If required, an optional Solar Regulator can be also installed with the Power Supply Module to provide power to the 5208TR should the unit be required to operate for extended periods at un-powered sites.

The Transceiver Module includes two Kyodo KG108 or KG208 25 Watt mobile transceivers and an audio interface/switching module. The Kyodo KG108/208 transceivers are available for any FM frequency between 66 MHz and 520 MHz, have channel capacities of up to 200 channels, and include CTCSS encoders and decoders that can be programmed for different CTCSS tones on a per channel basis. The RF Power output can be set anywhere between 1 and 25 watts with two fixed outputs being available on a per channel basis. Thus, the transceivers can be pre-programmed with all likely repeater channels, so that the 5208TR can be deployed immediately without wasting time to program the transceivers. The Audio Interface/Switching Unit is included to provide the correct audio levels between the two transceivers. It includes a Selcall or DTMF operated remote "ON/OFF" switch function that can be used to remotely activate or de-activate the transmitter transceiver and conserve battery capacity, or to allow the 5208TR to be located in situ in a dormant state until it is required to be put in or out of service. A Low Battery Voltage Alarm facility is also included.

The Diplexer Module is designed to mount various diplexers to suit specific frequency and site requirements. It will accept diplexers with up to six Notch Filters.

Each module is a self-contained unit that mounts in a custom rack arrangement. The Power Supply Module is 6RU in height, while the Transceiver Modules and the Diplexer Modules are each 2RU in height.

The 5208TR cabinet is constructed of aluminium to reduce the weight of the unit and to assist with heat dissipation. It has lockable hinged front and rear doors that open downwards and provide a handy work tray when making adjustments on site at remote locations. Both doors can be removed if required. A recessed cable entry panel is provided at the rear of the cabinet. It is recessed so that the connectors do not protrude outside the cabinet outline and to provide a somewhat weather protected environment for the cable connectors. The 5208TR cabinet is fitted with adjustable feet and handles to assist with manoeuvrability and with site location.

The Imark 5208TR Transportable Repeater is normally supplied with the Power Supply Module including Battery, Transceiver Module for the required frequency band, and the necessary Diplexer Module.



Frequency/Channel Band


Model #

Imark Stock #

66 - 88 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-08A25TRN 913710
66 - 88 MHz, 25/30 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-08A25TRW 913711
136 - 162 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-15A25TRN 914710
136 - 162 MHz, 25/30 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-15A25TRW 914711
146 - 174 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-15B25TRN 914712
146 - 174 MHz, 25/30 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-15B25TRW 914713
176 - 208 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-20A25TRN 915710
176 - 208 MHz, 25/30 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-20A25TRW 915711
208 - 248 MHz, 25/30 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-20B25TRN 915712
240 - 276 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-20C25TRW 915713
240 - 276 MHz, 25/30 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-20C25TRW 915715
335 - 365 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40A25TRN 917711
335 - 365 MHz, 25 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40A25TRW 917712
365 - 400 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40B25TRN 917713
365 - 400 MHz, 25 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40B25TRW 917714
400 - 435 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40C25TRN 917715
400 - 435 MHz, 25 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40C25TRW 917716
440 - 475 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40D25TRN 917717
440 - 475 MHz, 25 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40D25TRW 917718
465 - 500 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40E25TRN 917719
465 - 500 MHz, 25 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40E25TRW 917720
485 - 520 MHz, 12.5 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40F25TRN 917721
485 - 520 MHz, 25 kHz 1-25 Watts 5208-40F25TRW 917722



General Details
Number of Channels Up to 200
Channel Spacing 12.5kHz, 20kHz, 25kHz, or 30kHz (5/6.25/10/12.5 kHz PLL steps)
Operation Mode Repeater or Cross Band Translator
Antenna Impedance 50W Unbalanced
RF Power Output Two settings between 1 and 25 Watts on a per Channel basis
Maximum Frequency Deviation Wide band: 5 kHz, Narrow Band: 2.5 kHz, Channel Selectable
Frequency Stability Wide Band: 0.0005%, Narrow band: 0.0003%
Frequency Response Within +1, -3dB of 6dB/Octave pre-emphasis from 0.3 to 3.0kHz, 1 kHz reference
Signal To Noise Ratio Wide Band: More than 50dB at 1 kHz 70% Modulation
Narrow Band: More than 45dB at 1 kHz 70% Modulation
Modulation Distortion Less than 3% at 1 kHz 70% Modulation
Spurious and Harmonics More than 70dB below rated power
Intermediate Frequencies 1st IF: 48.5 MHz, 2nd IF: 455 kHz
Frequency Stability Wide Band: 0.0005%, Narrow band: 0.0003%
Sensitivity Less than 0.4ÁV for 20 dB noise quieting

Less than 0.3ÁV for 12 dB SINAD

Squelch Sensitivity Less than 0.25ÁV
Selectivity More than 70dB at 25 kHz
Blocking More than 90 dB
Intermodulation More than 70 dB
Spurious Response More than 70 dB
AF Response Within +1, -3dB of 6dB/Octave de-emphasis from 0.3 to 3.0 kHz, 1 kHz reference
AF Distortion Less than 5% at 1 kHz 70% modulation
Signal to Noise Ratio Wide band: More than 50dB at 1 kHz 70% modulation

Narrow Band: More than 45dB at 1 kHz 70% modulation

Power Supply Module  
Battery Details Yuasa NP38-12 38AH 12 Volt Sealed Lead Acid type
AC Input Voltage 24020% Volts AC 48 - 62 Hz. (Others available upon request)
Output Voltage 13.65 Volt DC
Power Supply Current 10 Amps at 13.65▒ 2% Volts DC
Over Voltage Protection 14.5 - 16.5 Volts
Over Current Protection 10.55A ▒ 0.45 Amps
Low Voltage Battery Release 9.8 Volts - 10.6 Volts
Diplexer Module  
Specifications 4 or 6 Cavity 50 Watt Vari-Notch type. Specifications are frequency and model dependent. Contact Imark for specific details.
Unit Dimensions 488 (W) x 385 (D) x 400 (H) mm
Shipping Dimensions 550 (W) x 450 (D) x 450 (H) mm
5208TR Weight: 31 Kg's (depending on exact configuration)
Shipping Weight: 34 Kg's (approx)
Imark Stock # See Table Above
Inclusions Operators Manual, AC Cable, Keys, DC Connector
Options Solar Regulator, Automatic Identification Module, Automatic Voice Announcement Module.


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