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KYODO KG510- Base or Repeater


Reliable Synthesised 99 Channel 50 Watt Base-Station or Repeater

Imark Stock # 91xxxx


  • Simplex or two frequency Duplex operation
  • 22, 26, or 35 MHz switching bandwidth (model dependant)
  • EEPROM programmable with a PC computer
  • Up to 99 channels with Channel Labels
  • Single Channel and 99 Channel Versions available
  • Full Dot Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
  • Two-Stage Front End allows mixed Simplex and Duplex operation with optional Transfer Relay
  • Channel selectable Wide or Narrow channel spacing
  • All FM Frequency Bands from 30 to 520 MHz
  • CTCSS on a per channel basis
  • Front Facing Speaker
  • 5 X 4 Keypad for Channel Change etc
  • 2RU Equipment Cabinet
  • Transmit Time Limiter to prevent channel jamming
  • Step-Up VCO Voltage for Superior Selectivity
  • TX and RX Encryption
  • Two Channel Scanning Modes
  • 5 Tone & DTMF Encoder & Decode



The Kyodo KG510 transceivers represent a quantum advance on the previous rugged & time proven KG110 transceiver. They comprise of separate modules all housed within one 2RU equipment cabinet. The receiver, the transmitter, and the PA Unit are each enclosed within their own diecast housing, which are then directly mounted on the large upper heat-sink. A ÁProcessor controlled interface module controls the channel selection, LCD Display, timers, interfaces, and signalling features.

Models are available for all FM commercial and military frequency bands from 30 MHz to 520 MHz, with channel selectable 12.5, 20, 25, or 30KHz channel spacing arrangements.

The RF Power Output is 1 - 50 Watts on a continuous duty basis. The CTCSS signalling supports all EIA tones. Different encode and decode tones can be set on a per channel basis during radio programming.

The KG510 includes 5 tone Selective Calling encoder/decoder with non-predictive decoder, as well as a DTMF encoder and decoder, and voice encryption. It supports normal all channel scanning and programmed channel scanning for base use.

The KG510 is fitted with a large full dot matrix LCD that is used to display the Channel Numbers & Names, frequency & tone programmed information, and Signalling information. All user interface keys and knobs are conveniently located on the front of the radio. All user-entered functions are easily activated in a logical manner via the keypad.

The KG510 is supplied with an "N" Type connector for the transmitter, and a BNC Connector for the Receiver to allow easy connection to the diplexer or feeder cables.

The rear panel includes a 9 way and a 25 way D sub connector that allow easy connection to external accessories such as other radios, control equipment or shared tone panel.

The KG510 is PC programmable through the rear connector. The programming software sets Channel frequencies, Channel Names, CTCSS or DCS frequencies, Start Channel and Start Message, the KILL security feature, and Signalling parameters. The software includes a memory check function and a WatchDog Timer.



Frequency Range All FM bands from 30 to 520 MHz
Channels 1 on Single Channel Model, or 99 on Full Feature Model
Channel Spacing 12.5kHz, 20kHz, 25kHz, & 30kHz
Station Mode Repeater, Duplex Base, Base & Repeater, or Simplex Base
Operating Mode Single or Dual Frequency Simplex, or Dual Frequency Repeater or Base
Antenna Impedance 50 ohms unbalanced
Duplex Tx-Rx Frequency Separation 0.5 MHz Minimum
Power Supply 13.6 Volts DC 20% Negative Ground Only (Nominal 12 Volts DC)
Current Requirements

High Power: 50 Watts

Low Power: 1 Watt



9.5 Amps

1.8 Amps

600 mAmp @ maximum volume


Environmental Conditions Ambient Temperature: -30 C to +60 C

Relative Humidity: 95% at +35 C

Dimensions (excluding protrusions)


482 (W) mm x 88 (H) mm x 360 (D) mm

11.5 Kg's

Shipping Dimensions


530 (W) mm x 300 (H) mm x 550 (D) mm

13 Kg's

RF Power Output 1 watt or 50 Watts (Continuous Duty basis)
Maximum Frequency Deviation Wide Band: 5 KHz, Narrow Band: 2.5 KHz
Oscillation System Direct Loop PLL synthesiser system
Frequency Stability 0.0005% ( VHF Models), 0.0002% ( UHF Models)
Frequency Response Within +1dB, -3dB of 6db/Octave Pre-Emphasis from 0.3 to 3kHz, 1kHz Reference
Signal to Noise Radio More than 45dB at 1kHz 70% Modulation (Narrow Band)

More than 50dB at 1kHz 70% Modulation (Wide Band)

Modulation Distortion Less than 3% at 1 KHz 70% Modulation
Spurious and Harmonics More than 70dB below rated power
AF Input -34 dBm 3 dB/600W (Direct), & -8 dBm 3 dB/600W (Remote)
Intermediate Frequencies 1st IF: 21.6 MHz (Up to 50 MHz), 48.5MHz (50 - 520 MHz),

2nd IF: 455 KHz

Frequency Stability 0.0005% (VHF Models), 0.0002% (UHF Models)
Sensitivity Better than 0.4ÁV for 20dB SINAD

Better than 0.3ÁV for 12dB SINAD

Squelch Sensitivity Less than 0.25ÁV
Squelch Adjustment Range 0.1ÁV - 3.0ÁV
Modulation Acceptance 7.0 KHz
Selectivity Better than 70dB at 25KHz point
Blocking Better than 90dB at 1 MHz point
Intermodulation Better than 70dB
Spurious Response Better than 70dB
AF Response Within +1, -3 dB of 6dB/Octave de-emphasis from 0.3 to 3.0 KHz,

1 KHz Reference

AF Output 2W into 4 ohms (Internal speaker), 0dBm 3 dB @ 600W balanced
AF Distortion Less than 5% at 1KHz 70% modulation
Signal to Distortion More than 45dB at 1kHz 70% Modulation 12.5kHz Channel Spacing

More than 50dB at 1kHz 70% Modulation 25kHz Channel Spacing

Approvals AS4295:1995
Options Imark 5020 20 Amp Power Supply

Kyodo ACU-30 3+1 Antenna Change-Over Unit

Imark TS10-50I Test interface unit for servicemen


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