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KYODO   KG208 Mobile Transceiver



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  • One or two frequency simplex operation
  • Wide 22 MHz (VHF-Mid), 26 MHz (VHF-Hi), or 35 MHz (UHF) non-tuning bandwidth
  • Field programmable with an IBM-PC™ or compatible computer
  • Up to 200 channels with 8 digit channel naming feature available if only 100 channels are used
  • "Kill Mode" to disable the radio and prevent unauthorised use
  • Emergency mode
  • Key Lock facility
  • CTCSS encode or decode on a per channel basis
  • Internal Voice Encryption on a per channel basis
  • 5 tone Selcall encoder/decoder with Automatic Number Identification (ANI) facility and non-predictive decoder
  • Transmit High or Low power settings on a per channel basis
  • Receive Time Limiter to conserve battery should the radio be left "ON"
  • Power Down Timer
  • Large 8 digit alpha-numeric LCD display with backlight
  • Self Diagnostics



The Kyodo KG208 mobile transceivers are compact ruggedly constructed state of the art transceivers. They feature an electronically tuned front end and therefore have a wide switching bandwidth of 22 MHz on VHF bands and 35 MHz on UHF bands. Models can be supplied for all frequency bands and cover all frequencies from 66 MHz to 520 MHz.

 A CTCSS encoder/decoder is provided with each radio. Any combination of CTCSS encoding or decoding can be selected on a per channel basis.

 The RF power output can be set to two levels between 1 and 25 watts with these levels being selected during programming on a per channel basis.

 The KG208 mobile transceiver is also provided with a voice encryption facility which can be selected during programming on a per channel basis. The KG208 mobile transceiver is supplied with 5 tone Selective Calling which includes encoding and non-predictive decoding capability as well as DTMF encoding.

 The KG208 also includes features such as ANI, Memory Calling, Emergency Calling, Transmit Time Limiter, Power Down Timer, Voice Encryption, "Kill Mode", and a personal ID number (PIN). As the Kyodo KG208 mobiles are supplied with all these "state of the art technology" features, the KG208 will have a longer useful service life before the product becomes overtaken by technological advances.


The KG208 chassis and control head are each constructed of die-cast aluminium while the covers are made from sheet steel. The Control Head section is sealed with "O" rings to resist the ingress of dust and moisture.

 Internally, the KG208 is constructed using miniature electronic Surface Mounting Technology components. Surface Mounted components are used wherever possible as their mass is much less than normal leaded components thus enhancing reliability and longevity. Additionally, the absence of troublesome leaded components and wires further enhance the reliability of the transceiver.

The antenna feeder cable is attached to a "N" type connector on a short fly lead. User interface keys and knobs, and the speaker are conveniently located on the front of the control head. A large alpha-numeric LCD display is provided to display user interface information such as channel number and name, calling party, operating mode, and power and signal levels.



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