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KYODO   KG209 Portable Transceiver


  • One or two frequency simplex operation
  • Wide 22 MHz (VHF-Mid), 26 MHz (VHF-Hi), or 35 MHz (UHF) non-tuning bandwidth
  • Field programmable with an IBM-PC™ or compatible computer
  • Up to 200 channels or up to 100 channels with 8 digit alpha-numeric channel naming feature
  • "Kill Mode" to disable the radio and prevent unauthorised use
  • Emergency mode
  • Key Lock facility
  • CTCSS on a per channel basis
  • Internal Voice Encryption on a per channel basis
  • 5 tone Selcall encoder/decoder with Automatic Number Identification (ANI) facility and non-predictive decoder (Model dependant)*
  • DTMF Encoder and Decoder
  • Transmit High or Low power settings on a per channel basis
  • Receive Time Limiter to conserve battery should the radio be left "ON"
  • Power Down Timer
  • Large 8 digit alpha-numeric LCD display with backlight
  • Self Diagnostics



The Kyodo KG209 series of portable transceivers are compact ruggedly constructed state of the art portable transceivers. They feature an electronically tuned front end and therefore have a wide switching bandwidth of 22 MHz on VHF bands and 35 MHz on UHF bands.

The KYODO KG209 is a 200 channel 3 Watt FM portable transceiver and is supplied with a multi-tone CTCSS encoder/decoder and the NH1100 1100 mAh rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack, a flexible whip antenna and operators manual. The KG209 portable radio is supplied with a 5 tone Selcall Encoder/Decoder, and a DTMF Encoder as standard equipment . The KYODO KG209 is available for all FM bands from 66 to 520 MHz.

CTCSS encoding/decoding and DCS encoding is provided with each radio. Any combination of CTCSS encoding/decoding or DCS encoding can be selected on a per channel basis.

The RF power output can be set to two levels between 1 and 4 watts (on UHF models & VHF High Band models) or 3 watts (on VHF mid band models) and is selected during programming on a per channel basis.

The KG209 portable transceiver is also provided with a voice encryption facility which can be selected during programming on a per channel basis. The KG209 portable transceiver is supplied in one of two versions. The version supplied with a 16 Key DTMF keypad will support DTMF encoding an DTMF decoding and 5 tone Selcall Encoding. If the 5 tone Selcall decoder is required, then DTMF decoding is not supported. The second version is supplied with 5 tone Selective Calling and has encoding and decoding capability.

The KG209 also includes features such as ANI, Memory calling, Emergency calling, Transmit Time Limiter, Power Down Timer, Voice Encryption, "Kill Mode", and a personal ID number (PIN). Thus purchasers of the Kyodo KG209 portable are purchasing a Made in Japan product with "state of the art technology" which will have a longer useful service life before the product becomes overtaken by technological advances.


The KG209 chassis and covers are constructed of die-cast aluminium while the battery section is housed in an ABS case. The replaceable Nickel Metal Hydride battery is constructed in a unique "L" shape which spreads the attaching load over two major areas thus reducing the likelihood of the battery becoming detached or breaking away from the radio section in the event of the complete radio being dropped onto a hard surface or under arduous use, while at the same time, permitting quick and easy exchange. The radio section is sealed with "O" rings to resist the ingress of dust and moisture.

Internally, the KG209 is constructed using miniature electronic Surface Mounting Technology components. Surface Mounted components are used throughout as their mass is much less than normal leaded components thus enhancing reliability and longevity. Additionally, the absence of troublesome leaded components and wires further enhance the reliability of the transceiver.

The antenna is attached by a TNC connector, and the user interface keys and knobs are conveniently located on the front and the top of the radio. It includes modern signalling facilities and is easily operated.

The KG209 can be supplied with a belt clip attachment enabling the user to easily carry the radio by attaching it to the users belt. (This must be specially ordered and cannot be used with the HDLC209 Leather Case).




KC1209 Fast Charger

The Kyodo KC1209 is a single slot fast charger designed to charge the NH1100 and the NC2000 battery packs. It is supplied with an Arlec ENG607/02 240V AC adapter. An optional 110~260 Volt AC 50/60Hz International AC Adapter is also available.
VCC209 Vehicle Cradle & Charger

The Imark VCC209 is designed to be mounted in a vehicle and to hold a KG209 Portable radio securely in place. It also charges the battery at the same time. It operates from the vehicle electrical system and will operate from either 12 or 24 volt DC electrical systems.


KC0209 Cigarette Lighter Charging Unit

The Kyodo KC0209 is a single slot trickle charging unit again designed to charge the NH1100 and the NC2000 battery packs at approx. 100mA rate. It is supplied with a DC cable suitable for connection to the 12 Volt vehicle power source.

It can also be supplied with an Arlec PS12500E/P 240V AC adapter and when so supplied will act as a trickle charger.

NH1100 Battery Pack

The Kyodo NH1100 is an 1100 mAh rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack specifically designed for the KG209 portable radio and will provide more than 8 hours operating time at 5:5:90 duty rate on high power.

NC2000 Battery Pack

The Kyodo NC2000 is a 2000 mAh rechargeable Nickel Cadmium battery pack specifically designed as a long life battery for the KG209 portable radio. It will provide more than 15 hours operating time at 5:5:90 duty rate on high power.


KD560 Speaker Microphone

The Kyodo KD560 is a weather resistant speaker/microphone assembly specially designed to suit the KG209 portable radio. It is supplied with an earpiece for use in high noise or covert environments.


HDLC209 Leather Case

The Imark HDLC209 is an Australian made Heavy Duty Leather Carrying Case. It is supplied with belt attachment loop and a cover flap over the controls.


HDLC209SW Leather Case

The Imark HDLC209SW is an Australian made Heavy Duty Leather Carrying Case. It is supplied with belt swivel quick release attachment and a "T" Strap to retain the radio in the case.


RPC209 Belt Clip Rear Panel

The Kyodo RPC209 is an alternative Rear Panel which includes a detachable Belt Clip. It is recommended for users who do not use the radio in the leather case. It is not recommended for use with leather cases.


PS209 Programming Kit

The PS209 is a software package and programming manual to enable technicans to program KG209 Portable radios. It requires a PC computer to operate. It is only recommended for competent radio technicans.



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