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PANTECH    PS-110 & PS-410  Portable Transceivers



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  • One or two frequency simplex operation
  • 20 MHz tuning bandwidth
  • 7 MHz switching bandwidth
  • Field programmable with an IBM-PC™ or compatible computer
  • Up to 99 channels*
  • CTCSS or DCS on a per channel basis
  • All Channel Scanning
  • Priority Scan
  • Last Parameter saving
  • Switchable Transmit High or Low power settings
  • Transmit Time Out Timer to prevent channel jamming
  • Time Out Timer Penalty to delay entry after exceeding the TOT period



The Pantech PS-110 & PS-410 series are compact, ruggedly constructed and feature packed FM portable transceivers. They feature a tuned front end and have a switching bandwidth of 7 MHz on VHF Hi band frequencies. Models are available for 146 to 174 MHz and for 400 to 480 MHz frequency bands.

The PS-x10 series of portable transceivers are supplied standard with 99 channels, CTCSS or DCS, and a switchable 1/5 Watt RF output. Purchasers of the Pantech portable are purchasing a Korean made product which (as with Korean motor vehicles) offer quality and "excellent value for money".

The PS-x10 chassis is constructed of die-cast aluminium while the front and rear covers and battery section is housed in an ABS case. Three replaceable batteries are available which provide capacities of 600 mAh, or 1200 mAh Nickel Cadmium, or 1200 mAh Nickel Metal Hydride. The radio section is sealed with "O" rings to resist the ingress of dust and moisture.

Internally, the PS-x10 series are constructed using miniature electronic Surface Mounting Technology components. Surface Mounted components are used throughout as their mass is much less than normal leaded components thus enhancing reliability and longevity. Additionally, the absence of troublesome leaded components and wires further enhance the reliability of the transceiver.

The antenna is attached by a stud type connector, and the user interface controls are conveniently located on the top of the radio. It includes industry standard CTCSS and DCS squelch privacy, All channel scanning, Transmit Time-Out Timer, Time-Out Timer Penalty Timer, Busy Channel Lock-out, Delayed TX, Low Battery Alarm, Battery Saving Circuitry, and the ability to be "Cloned" or programmed simply using a standard IBM compatible computer.

The PS-110 and the PS-410 radios are supplied with 99 channels, 12.5 or 25KHz channel spacing, switchable 1W/5W operation, CTCSS and DCS, RBP-712A 1200 mAh rechargeable Nicad Battery, Carry Strap, Belt Clip, Operators Manual, and Flexible Whip Antenna.




SCK-760 Charger

The Pantech SCK-760 is a twin slot trickle charger designed to charge the RBP-760, RBP-790, and the RBP-712 battery packs. Both slots act as trickle charging slots.

RCK-760 Charger

The Pantech RCK-760 is a twin slot rapid charger designed to charge the RBP-760, RBP-712, and the RBP-712H battery packs. One slot is a fast charge slot while the other is a trickle charge slot.

RBP-760A, RBP-712A, and RBP-712HA Battery Packs

Pantech offer three rechargeable Nickel Cadmium battery packs for the Pantech series of portable radios to cater for differing user requirements. The capacities and type are as follows:

RBP-760A 600mAH 7.2 Volts Nickel Cadmium
RBP-712A 950mAH 7.2 Volts Nickel Cadmium
RBP-712HA 1200mAH 7.2 Volts Nickel Metal Hydride
SM-600 Speaker Microphone

The Pantech SM-6000 is a compact speaker microphone specifically designed for use with the Pantech series portable radios.


LC-600, and LC-1200 Leather Cases

The Pantech LC-series are medium duty leather cases designed to suit the Pantech Series of portable radios. The different models cater for radios when fitted with different battery packs. This leather case includes a belt clip.


RCP-100 Programming Kit

The RCP-100 Programming kit includes a programming cable for connecting the radio and computer for programming purposes. The package also includes the programming software which has to be loaded onto the computer for successful operation. This programming kit is also useable with the Pantech PS-x00 series of portable radios.


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