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IMARK    5020BM  Power Supply


240V AC - 13.8V DC 20 Amp Regulated Power Supply for Bench-Top Operation

Imark Stock # 602142


  • 13.8V DC 20 Amp continuous duty output
  • Double Regulated Temperature Compensated Voltage Reference
  • Meters for Output Voltage and Output Current
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Over-Temperature Shut-Down Protection
  • LED's indicate critical element status
  • Outputs for Remote Monitoring



The IMARK 5020BM Regulated Power Supply operates from a 240 Volt AC power source and provides a 13.8 Volt DC output to operate 12 Volt (nominal) equipment. The 5020BM Power Supply includes over voltage protection, fold-back current protection, and short circuit protection, while large filter capacitors provide a low noise output. The 5020BM is housed in a 3RU size Bench-top cabinet. The front panel includes Meters for Output Voltage and Output Current, and LED indicators for critical status notification.

The IMARK 5020BM Power Supply features a linear design and operates at greater than 50% efficiency. It provides 20 Amps continuous output power. The design is compact and includes a rugged all metal housing with a large aluminium extrusion on the rear panel to provide excellent heat dissipation. Connectors are provided on the rear panel for easy connection to the AC Input, Load, and Remote Voltage Sense output, as well as a DB25 connector for remote monitoring purposes.

The IMARK 5020BM includes an adjustable current limit feature that is ideal when using the 5020BM in a workshop testing environment.

The IMARK 5020BM is supplied with a comprehensive operator's manual, a 1.8 metre AC Cable that plugs into the IEC socket on the rear panel during installation, Cable and Connectors for Load and Battery, and spare fuses.




Input Voltage 240 Volts AC 50Hz (nominal), (Other Voltages available on request)
Input Current 3 Amps RMS Max @ 240 Volts AC.
Output Voltage 13.8 Volts DC
Output Current 20 Amps Continuous @ 25 C
Output Ripple 5mV RMS (Max) @ 20 Amps
Output Regulation 150mV DC (Max) from 0 - 20 Amps
Output Stability 50mV (Max) after 15 minutes warm-up @ 13.8 Volts DC
Heatsink Temperature Rise 50C @ 25C Ambient
Current Limit Setting Range ?? - ?? Amps Front Panel Adjustable
Output Voltage ?? - ?? Volts DC Front Panel Adjustable
Operating Temperature Range 0 C to 60 C
Fold-Back Protection Internally Adjustable Short Circuit Current 50.5 Amps Nominal
Safe Area Current Limiting Current Limit decreases by 1 Amp/20C from 25C
Over-Voltage Crowbar Protection 10 - 18 Volts Internally Adjustable
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Unit Dimensions 483mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 132.5mm (H)
Shipping Dimensions 575mm (W) x 535mm (D) x 300mm (H)
Unit Weight 23 Kgs
Shipping Weight 24.5 Kgs
Inclusions Manual, AC Cable, Load Cables and Connectors, Spare Fuses
Imark Stock # 602142


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