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IMARK    FX1000  Power Supply


240 Volts AC to 13.65 Volts DC, 10 Amps

Imark Stock # 602320


  • Switch-Mode Power Supply for Efficiency
  • 10 Amps Rated Duty
  • Indicators for "AC ON" and "DC OUT"
  • Battery Charging Facility
  • Automatic Change-Over upon Power Failure and Restoration Cabinet includes space for Battery
  • Inbuilt Extension Speaker
  • Fuse protection for AC Input, DC Load, and Battery
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Transient Barrier (Optional)
  • Antenna Lightning Protector (Optional)
  • Accepts NP65-12 or UXH125-6(x2) Batteries



The Imark FX1000 Power Supply is a Power Supply and Sealed Lead Acid Battery housed in a rugged metal cabinet. The Power Supply is designed to operate from the AC Mains power source and provides 13.65 Volts DC at 10 Amps load. It also includes a battery charging circuit that automatically changes to battery operation in the event of a power failure and reverts to the AC Mains upon restoration of AC Mains power.

Fuses are included as protection on the AC Mains input, DC Load output, and in the battery circuit.

Indicators are provided to show "AC Mains ON" and "DC Load Output OK" while in internal 8 W extension speaker is included to provide clearer audio output for installations that connect to radios.

The compact size and all metal case allows easy installation at most locations. Adjustable feet are provided for uneven surfaces, and hand grips are included to allow easy maneuverability.

The FX1000 accepts the Yuasa NP65-12 as the standard Sealed Lead Acid batteries but will accept up to two Yuasa UXH125-6 batteries or other batteries with little modification to the battery clamp.

The FX1000 has provision for the optional fitment of an internal Transient Barrier and for the fitment of an antenna lightning protector.



Input Voltage 200 - 240 Volts AC 48 - 62Hz (Other input voltages available)
Output Voltage 13.65 2% Volts DC
Output Current 0 - 10 Amps
Over Voltage Protection 14.5 Volts - 16.5 Volts
Over Current Protection 10.55 Amps 0.45 Amp
Battery Deep Discharge Protection 9.8 Volts to 10.6 Volts
Hold Up Time 20mS @ 10Amps & 240 Volts
Output Ripple Less than 150mV p-p
Design Specifications AS3260 - 1988
Cooling Convection
Operating Temperature Range 0 - 50 Celsius
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Unit Dimensions 335(L) x 455(W) x 366(H) mm
Shipping Dimensions 375(L) x 515(W) x 425(H) mm
Unit Weight:

FX1000 Only

FX1000 with NP65-12 Battery



Shipping Weight:

FX1000 Only

FX1000 with NP65-12 Battery



Approvals NP65-12 Battery

UXH125-6 (two) Batteries

Transient Barrier

Lightning Protector.

Imark Stock # 602320


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