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IMARK    AID-1  Automatic Identification Unit


Morse Code Automatic Identification Unit for Repeaters

Imark Stock # 708992


  • ÁProcessor Controlled
  • Compact Size
  • Low Current Drain
  • Transmit Time-Out Timer


The Imark AID-1 Automatic Identification unit is designed to be installed in repeaters when it is necessary to transmit a Morse Code identifying signal periodically. This practice is commonly used on Amateur band repeaters and CB Radio bands repeaters.

The IMARK AID-1 Automatic Identification unit employs a ÁProcessor that allows the various parameters to be programmed to suit customers' Call Sign, Identification Repetition, Identification Speed, and Timer requirements. The IMARK AID-1 unit also has a Tail Courtesy Tone to indicate to receivers that the caller has released the PTT and that the repeater is about to "drop out". Four choices are available for the Reset of the Time Out Timer.

The Imark AID-1 Automatic Identification unit is compact and can be easily installed to most repeaters.



Function Programmable Settings Default Settings
Identification Speed 1 WPM to 100 WPM Approximately 12 WPM
Identification Repetition 1 second to 18 hours (1sec steps) 2 minutes (when busy)
Call Sign Size 1 to 244 alpha/numeric characters* 6 alpha/numeric characters
Transmit Time Out Time 1 second to 18 hours (1sec steps) 1 minute
Transmit Time Out Timer Reset See Manual End of PTT Output
Transmit Time Out Message 1 to 244 alpha/numeric characters*  
Transmit Tail Time 1mS to 65 Seconds (1mS steps) 800mS
Courtesy Tone Duration 1mS to 65 Seconds (1mS steps) 200mS
Courtesy Tone "ON" or "OFF" "ON"
Courtesy Tone Lead-In Delay 1mS to 65 Seconds (1mS steps) 100mS
Power Requirements +12 Volts DC
Current Drain 50mA
Identification Deviation 1.5 KHz (with KG107BRS)
Identification Tone Frequency 1 KHz
Unit Dimensions 115 (W) x 97 (D) x 11 (H) mm
Shipping Dimensions 150 (W) x 120 (D) x 43 (H) mm
Unit Weight 125 grams
Shipping Weight 150 Grams
Imark Stock # 930401
Standard Inclusions Operators Manual, Mounting Screws
Options Application Notes for Installation in Kyodo KG107 & Philips 828 radios.


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