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IMARK   DCDP-1  DC Distribution Panel


3RU DC Distribution Panel for 19" Rack Mounting

Imark Stock # 928703


  • 3RU 19" Cabinet size
  • Heavy Duty Binding Posts
  • 3 Isolated DC Inputs
  • 7 DC Outputs
  • Battery Output
  • 50 Amp Circuit Breaker


The IMARK DCDP-1 DC Distribution Panel is designed for installation in 19" rack mounting cabinets to provide a centralized distribution point for the DC power. It uses 3RU (Rack Units) of cabinet space and is recessed to allow easy access to the binding posts. All connections can be made without removing any covers and the DC Cables can be routed to the equipment through the large holes in the side of the mounting bracket. Thus a very neat, easy to service cabling arrangement can be achieved. All equipment and terminals at the rear are fully enclosed to avoid inadvertent shorting of the terminals.

The IMARK DCDP-1 DC Distribution Panel will accept three DC inputs, each of which is isolated via a 50 Amp DC blocking diode. The inputs are fed to both the battery and the load with the load path being through a resetable 50 Amp circuit breaker.

Five heavy-duty outputs and two medium duty outputs are provided for the equipment outputs. The heavy-duty binding posts are rated at 70 Amps while the medium duty binding posts are rated at 10 Amps.



DC Inputs (White) 3
DC Outputs (Red) 5 x 70 Amp & 2 x 10 Amp
Battery Input/Output (Yellow) 1 x 70 Amp
Circuit Breaker Rating 50 Amps
Input Diode Rating 50 Amps x 3 Diodes
Inclusions 18 HD Terminals for the HD Binding Posts
Unit Dimensions 482(W) x 185(D) x 133(H) mm
Shipping Dimensions 510 (L) x 325 (W) x 200 (H) mm
Unit Weight 4.25 Kg's
Shipping Weight 4.5 Kg's
Imark Stock # 928703


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