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IMARK   HEK208  Headset Extension Kit


Headset Extension Kit for Kyodo KG208 Radio

Imark Stock # 502591


  • Compact Size
  • Weather Resistant (except Nexus socket)
  • Socket accepts standard Nexus 4-way Plug
  • Diecast Housing
  • Stainless Steel Hardware


The IMARK HEK208 Headset Extension Kit is designed to extend the operation of a two-way radio to a remote location on a vehicle, such as a pump control panel on a fire truck. It is designed to operate with a headset and attach to Kyodo KG208 transceivers, thus allowing users with a headset to clearly hear all communications on the selected channel and, if necessary, respond without the user having to leave their work-station. The radio PTT, and headset volume can be controlled at the Headset Extension Kit by the user again without having to leave the workplace. The HEK208 can be mounted up to 12 meters from the radio such as at the rear of a fire truck.

The IMARK HEK208 Headset Extension Kit can readily be mounted on the rear of the control panel, provided this panel has an elongated cut-out (approx. 83mm x 30mm) through which the volume control, PTT and Headset socket are assessable. Stainless steel hardware is used to resist rusting and corrosion.



Operating Voltage +12 Volts DC
Current Requirement Approx. 15mA
Audio Output to Headset Variable by Headset Volume Control
PTT Control Active Low
Microphone Type Requirement Electret (or Dynamic with pre-amplifier selected)
Unit Dimensions 116 (H) x 65 (W) x 56 (D) mm
Shipping Dimensions ??(W) x ??(D) x ??(H) mm
Unit Weight 1.1 Kg's
Shipping Weight 1.3 Kg's
Inclusions Operators Manual, Mounting Screws, 12 Metre Extension Cable, Gland Nuts x 2 for extension cable
Imark Stock # 502591


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