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IMARK    LVA-1  Low Voltage Alarm


Low Voltage Alarm for 12 Volt DC Equipment

Imark Stock # 930192


  • Compact Size
  • Easily fitted to Kyodo KG110 Repeaters
  • Suitable for installation in any 12 Volt electronic product
  • Low quesient current
  • Adjustable DC Voltage Sense level 


The Imark LVA-1Low Voltage Alarm is an electronic module that can be installed in Bases, Repeaters, Powers Supplies, and similar equipment to monitor the supply voltage, and provide an audio output to indicate when the voltage falls to a critical level.

Whenever the supply voltage becomes less than the preset voltage level on the module, an alarm tone is generated. This alarm tone is ON for 600mS and OFF for 400mS. This tone is normally applied to the transmitted signal during the transmitter TX Delay Period as a means of providing users with an audible tone to indicate that the supply voltage is below the present level. Users can then curtail the use of the equipment to conserve the electrical energy remaining in the batteries.

The Imark LVA-1 Low Voltage Alarm is normally installed at Solar Powered, or battery backed-up mains powered repeater sites. However, it can also be installed at the DC Output of a Power Supply as a means of detecting AC mains power failures.

Alternatively, the Imark LVA-1 Low Voltage Alarm module can be configured as a "ROGER BEEP" to send a "BEEP" tone on the TX Delay of a repeater.



Operating Voltage 11 - 15 Volts
Stand-by Current 0.5mA
Active Current 15mA
Low Voltage Detection Range 8 - 14 Volts Adjustable
Hysteresis 0.5V
Alarm Tone 1KHz Tone Repeating at 600mS ON, 400mS OFF.
Busy and PTT Level HIGH = 3 - 10 Volts, LOW = 0 - 2.5 Volts
Mod Output Impedance >100KW
Mod Output Level 0 - 5Volts p-p
Unit Dimensions 48(W) x 35(D) x 11(H) mm
Shipping Dimensions 155(W) x 120(D) x 45(H) mm
Unit Weight: 13 Grams
Shipping Weight: 90 Grams
Inclusions Mounting Screws, Cable Assembly with connector
Imark Stock # 930192


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