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IMARK    TS10-50I  Interface Test Module


Interface Test Module for testing Kyodo Radio products with Marconi 2955 Communications Analysers

Imark Stock # 880002


  • Easy Connection to any Kyodo Radio
  • In-built Monitor Speaker
  • Volume & Squelch Controls for KG110 Repeaters
  • Call & Reset Switches included
  • PTT Switch with MOM/OFF/ON Positions
  • Monitor Speaker ON/OFF Switch
  • Modulation Impedance Transformer included


The IMARK TS10-50I Test Set is to be designed to provide an interface between the Marconi 2955 Communications Analyser and Sawtron 990, Sawtron 999, Kyodo KG105, KG107, KG108, KG208 mobile, KG109, and KG209 Portable radios. This interface kit includes several interface cables enabling the servicing of all of the above radios. Thus technicians are only required to connect the appropriate cable assembly between the radio under test and the Communications analyser before carrying-out tests on the radio transceiver.

The Interface test module is housed in an aluminium diecast box. This box includes a monitor speaker, Volume Control, a PTT switch (incorporating Momentary, Centre Off, and Locked On switch positions), BNC connectors (for AF In and Out), Call and Reset switches (to allow testing of the same functions on the radio under test), and a scratch resistant decal on the front of the unit identifying operating controls, and providing a professional finish. A 37 way "D" sub connector is provided on the side of the unit. The radio interface cable attaches to the test unit at this point.



AF Input Connector BNC Female
AF Output Connector BNC Female
Interface Cable Connector "D" Sub 37 way Female
PTT Switch MOM/OFF/ON Switch
Maximum Speaker Load Selections 5 Watts @ 4W , 5 Watts @ 8W , & Watt @ 25W .
Monitor Speaker Watt @ 25W
Call/Reset Switches SPST (MOM)
Speaker Mute/Load Switch, DPDT (OFF/MONITOR/LOAD)
Isolated Electronics Yes
Operating Temperature Range 0 to + 50 Celsius
Humidity Conditions 95% non-condensing
Finish Colour Trim Black
Unit Dimensions 115 W x 55 H x 90 D mm (excluding cables and protrusions)
Shipping Dimensions ??(L) x ??(W) x ??(H) mm
Weight 1 Kg. Maximum (excluding cables)
Shipping Weight: ??Kg's
Imark Stock # 880002
# 794029 Interface Cable Suit Sawtron 990 & Sawtron 999 Radios
# 794029 Interface Cable Suit Kyodo KG105 & KG107 Radios
# 794026 Interface Cable Suit Kyodo KG108, & KG208 Radios
# 794028 Interface Cable Suit Kyodo KG109 Radios
# 794027 Interface Cable Suit Kyodo KG209 Radios
  Interface Cable Suit Kyodo KG110 Radios
  Interface Cable Suit Pantech PSx00 Series Radios


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