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IMARK    VCC209  Vehicle Cradle and Charger


Suits Kyodo KG209 Portable radios

Imark Stock # 601313


  • Operates from 12 Volt or 24 Volt Electrical Systems
  • Trickle Charging Facility included
  • Clip securely holds KG209 in Cradle
  • Reverse Polarity DC Protection
  • LED's indicate Power & Charging Stat


The IMARK VCC-209 is a vehicle mounting battery charger designed to charge NH1100 Nickel metal hydride and NC2000 Nickel cadmium batteries, while they are fitted to a Kyodo KG209 portable radio. There are two models to suit the different sized batteries and both operate from either 24V or 12V DC Power supplies.

The VCC-209 is a slow charger only, and takes approximately 10 hours to fully charge a discharged NH1100 or NC2000 battery. When the battery is fully charged (approx 10 hours), the unit will automatically revert to a trickle charge rate to keep the batteries in a fully charged state and the red LED will switch off to indicate that the battery is fully charged. Thus the battery packs may be left in the VCC-209 for extended periods without harm. Furthermore, it is possible to have the KG209 portable radio switched "ON" while it is in the VCC-209 Charger Cradle. A bracket clip holds the radio securely in place and prevents the radio from falling out in rough conditions. The Imark VCC209 has a green LED to indicate DC power supply to the device and a red LED to indicate that the inserted battery is charging.

The Imark VCC-209 is supplied with mounting screws and a Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug.






Input Voltage

12 to 28 Volts DC

Charging Current



Normal Charge Rate

120mA 10%

240mA 10%

Trickle Charge Rate

5 - 15 mA

Charge technique

Time Limited Constant Current

Reverse DC Protection

DC Blocking Diode (with Fuse in Cigarette Lighter Plug if fitted)


235 Grams

Shipping Weight

275 Grams


170(H) x 66(W) x 50(D) mm

Shipping Dimensions

190 x 78 x 58 mm

Imark Stock #





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