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IMARK    VCU107  Vehicle Conference Unit


In-Vehicle Communications System for use with Kyodo KG107 Mobile Radios

Imark Stock # 503601


  • Accepts two Headsets
  • Provision for Dynamic Microphone
  • Compact Size
  • Individual PTT Control
  • Individual Volume Control
  • Operates as a Stand-Alone unit or with two-way Radio if required


The IMARK Vehicle Conference Unit (VCU) is an electronic switching communications module for use in noisy vehicles. It also connects to the two-way radio and allows two operators, each using headsets, to each individually transmit over the two-way radio or to communicate with each other without transmitting over air. A third operator can use a normal microphone to transmit over the two-way radio.

The IMARK Vehicle Conference Unit is ideal for use in fire trucks, in motor rally vehicles, shooting vehicles, hovercraft, and in any similar situation where two operators wish to communicate with each other or with third parties via the two-way radio.

The IMARK Vehicle Conference Unit is specifically designed to operate a radio transceiver such as the KYODO KG107. When the transmitter is not operating, the two operators with headsets can communicate with each other in an intercom mode. Any one of the operators can control the radio transmitter by pressing the PTT button, which in turn locks out the other operator's ability to activate the transmitter via their microphones. Audio is always applied to both headsets as a sidetone during any communications activity. A red LED allocated to each operator shows which of the three operators has control of the transmitter and a further green LED indicates when the unit is in intercom mode. The transceiver's receiver audio output can be heard in the headsets and its level is dependent on the transceivers volume control setting. The overall level from both the sidetone and the receiver is adjustable to each headset via separate volume controls in the Vehicle Conference Unit. The VCU107 is supplied with a lead that connects the VCU to the transceiver's auxiliary connector and to the microphone connector.



DC Supply Voltage

8 Volts from Transceiver (12 Volts optional)

DC Supply Current

70mA @ Standby

150mA @ Maximum Volume

PTT Operation

Active Low

Unit Dimensions

180(W) x 65(D) x 50(H) mm (VCU Only)

212(W) x 65(D) x 66(H) mm including Mounting Bracket

Shipping Dimensions

240(W) x 136(D) x 90(H) mm

Standard Inclusions

Mounting Bracket with Knobs and Screws, Radio Cable Assembly

Unit Weight:

805 Grams

Shipping Weight:

955 Grams




Headsets, Hand Microphone, Transceiver, & Radio Cable Assemblies for other Radios

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