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IMARK    WCC14209  Wall Charger/Cabinet


14 Way Lockable Charger Cabinet

Imark Stock # 604001


  • Lockable Steel Weather Resistant Cabinet
  • 14 single slot KC1209 Chargers
  • Accepts complete radios or batteries only
  • AC Mains Power Supply
  • AC Mains Transient Barrier


The Imark WCC14209 Wall Charger/Cabinet is designed for users who require both a battery charging facility and a secure storage capability. The Imark WCC14209 accepts and can charge up to 14 Kyodo NH1100 or NC2000 Batteries simultaneously.

The batteries can be either attached to the KG209 portable radio or separate. The WCC14209 Wall Charger/Cabinet is powered from a 240 Volts AC Mains Power source and has an AC Transient Barrier installed in the AC Input to protect the equipment from mains power surges.



Input Voltage 240 Volts AC 10% (other voltages available upon request)
Charging Slots 14
Radio/Battery Capacity 14
Unit Dimensions 1,000(H) x 800(W) x 260(D) mm
Shipping Dimensions 1,025(H) x 815(W) x 285(H) mm
Unit Weight: 58.5 Kgs
Shipping Weight: 60.5 Kgs

Imark Stock #



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