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TEMCO   BM6  Body PTT Interface Module Transceivers


Secure as PTT, Hands-free
Innovative Temco Smart-PTT Module
to suit VOICEDUCER Ear Microphone

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  • No Tx miss-operation caused by ambient noises when in VOX mode.
  • No clipping of initial voice syllable when transmitting speech.
  • Big PTT button ensures correct operation when wearing heavy gloves.
  • Protection against the ingress of dust and water.
  • Clear communications in high noise environments.
  • Clear communications when wearing a face-mask or aspirator.
  • Tx status is self monitored at all times by listening to the beep tone.

Body PTT Interface Module : "BM" series

Voiceducer Ear Microphone : "EM-P" series

  • Normal PTT, Smart-PTT selectable.
  • Big PTT button for secure operation.
  • Long stroke PTT switching mechanism.
  • Large swivel clothing clip rotates 360 .
  • Water resistant.
  • Tx monitoring beep tone.
  • Auto shut-off timer function.
  • Powered by one AAA 1.5V cell.
  • Long battery life: approx 50 hours in Tx.


  • Direct detection of bone signal.
  • Clear Tx audio under high noise.
  • Transmit/Receive in one ear.
  • Small, light weight, comfortable.



What is Smart-PTT?

During conventional simplex radio transmissions, it is always necessary to keep either the radio or an external PTT switch depressed to engage the Transmit function. When hands-free operation is required, an external speaker/microphone or a headset with boom microphone and VOX (voice activation) circuitry is required. However, due to the "Key-Up" delay of the radio's Transmitter and VOX combination, the transmission may be clipped at the beginning. Furthermore, as the VOX circuitry uses the input signal from the microphone to switch on the radio PTT when the microphone input level exceeds the preset threshold level, extraneous ambient noise level may inadvertently activate the radio PTT. In such situations, normal VOX operation is not the preferred solution for providing hand-free operation in emergency communications.

To overcome this problem, and to provide reliable communications with hand-free operation, Temco invented the unique Smart-PTT (SPT) operating system. The "BM" Interface Module incorporates a long stroke, clicking-feel switching mechanism with user selectable PTT/SPT circuitry. When the SPT mode is selected, the radio's Transmitter is activated by a first action of pressing the PTT button, and remains engaging after the PTT button is released. When the transmission is completed, pressing the PTT button a second time releases the radio's transmitter, and the radio will return to Receive/Stand-by mode.

To indicate the status of radio's transmitter, an intermittent beep tone is applied to the earpiece whenever the radio's transmitter is engaged. The SPT operation provided by the "BM" Interface Module enables correct radio operation with minimum use of hands, and provides the perfect solution for emergency communications.




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